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Subscribe to Security Magazine However, the name Ryuk is now also known as ransomware since its discovery in August 2018. It’s behind 7 percent of all ransomware attacks. It’ll encrypt essential files, and ransom demands range from hundreds to millions. The main targets of Ryuk are mostly high-profile organizations, including government and healthcare. Between February 2018 and October 2019, it is estimated that the operators of Ryuk generated about $61 million . Ryuk has the capability of identifying and encrypting network drives and resources. It can also delete shadow copies of backups on the endpoint. That means the attacker can disable Windows System Restore, rendering it useless and making a recovery impossible in most cases. It infects users by getting people to open weaponized Microsoft Office documents via phishing emails. This is a fast-growing ransomware cybersecurity threat created by ' Circus Spider ,' a cybercrime group. Netwalker is among the most dangerous ransomware ever made because it does more than hold the victim's data ransom. Netwalker is responsible for 7% of all ransomware attacks. Rather than threaten to make data public, the operators of Netwalker will leak some stolen data samples online to show seriousness. It uses a RaaS (ransomware-as-a-service) model – more on that later in this article. The operators mainly target healthcare and educational institutions. In one publicized attack on the University of California San Francisco , Circus Spider collected 1.14 million in ransom. Windows users should be anxious about Ragnar my sources Locker ransomware , one of the more sophisticated threats. It accounts for 7% of all ransomware attacks. Generally, attackers deploy the malware manually after initial compromise, network observation or reconnaissance, and pre-deployed tasks on the network. Once it has total control of the network, data exfiltration occurs, stealing sensitive information.


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The bill is an extraordinary reversal of a top Republican priority from 2019, and Democrats declared it a victory, House Minority Co-leader Evan Jenne, D-Dania Beach, told reporters on Monday. “To see that get peeled back by about 85 percent, that was a huge win for us,” Jenne said. But it had been Senate Republicans who proposed doing away with the projects, saying they were a “fiscal cliff” for the state. Proposed corridors for three new toll road expansions. [ LANGSTON TAYLOR | Tampa Bay Times ] Just two years ago, lawmakers were nearly unanimous when they bypassed the typical road-planning process and ordered the Department of Transportation to construct three new toll roads: an extension of the Suncoast Parkway to the Georgia border, an extension of Florida’s Turnpike to meet the Suncoast and a new route between Polk and Collier counties, long nicknamed the “Heartland Parkway.” The bill was a top priority of former Senate President Bill Galvano, R-Bradenton, who said the roads would revitalize rural communities and prepare the state for future growth. No studies were ever produced showing a need for the roads, however, and opposition to the idea was strong. Environmentalists said the roads would be disastrous to some of the most pristine parts of the state, and a federal biologist feared it would render the Florida Panther extinct. Some local officials along the routes feared the traffic, while others feared the chance it would bypass their communities and kill what little industry they had left. Three task forces that convened for over a year to examine the potential routes did not enthusiastically endorse them. The cost, estimated at tens of billions of dollars, seemed insurmountable. A conservative think tank said the Suncoast extension alone was financially “risky,” with “little demonstrated transportation need.” The Times/Herald analyzed hundreds of public comments about the projects and found that only two dozen were in support. Nearly all of those came from road builders, contractors and engineers who sent their endorsements via personal email addresses without disclosing their employers. Sen. Gayle Harrell, who sponsored the 2021 bill repealing the 2019 law, said the projects were a “fiscal cliff” for the state, and she doubted the roads would generate enough revenue to pay off the bonds. Road builders and many environmentalists were publicly supportive of the new plan. While the bill heading to DeSantis’ desk repeals the law he signed in 2019, it doesn’t kill the projects entirely.