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It’s all about the small adjustments that will amount to bigger results in the long run. For businesses and more specifically larger corporate entities, it’s a more challenging and decidedly nonlinear task. In recent years, there’s been noticeable public and shareholder pressure on corporations to prove they’re taking the necessary steps towards tackling climate change, mainly by publicly setting goals on how they plan to reduce their carbon footprint. One good example is the IT industry, which is actively seeking ways to minimise electrical power generation from fossil fuels, as well as improve waste management and water conservation. However, IT also happens to be a sector that is in constant expansion, predominantly due to our increasing reliance on digital tools and platforms, which means that reducing energy consumption presents something of a conundrum, especially when it comes to data centres. For the data centre industry, which is single-handedly responsible for at least 1% of global energy consumption , sustainability takes on a more intense and innovative path. Based on the sheer size and scope of its business, data centres, like enterprises, have an obligation to implement and promote more sustainable choices and solutions. If we think of these hubs as the epicentre of connectivity, data storage and processing, as well as a variety of business-critical applications, it is only natural to believe that data storage and internet use will continue to increase in the years ahead. This does mean however that there is an expectation to keep energy consumption at sustainable levels using green technology in data centres. After all, we’re growing ever more dependent on the kind of technology that’s driving innovation, such as 5G, IoT and machine learning, all of which require data centres to operate. It could even be argued that data centres have an ethical responsibility to be champions of change, and therefore take on the crucial role of implementing measures that minimise the impact that data storing is having on our ecosystem. Some businesses are already making pledges to reduce environmental footprint and invest in more sustainable energy solutions as part of their long-term green strategy. But what can be done to drive change in this space? What can data centres do to effect change? There are many steps being taken to address the energy usage of data centres, but this process will need to be accelerated if consumption is to be kept to a minimum, especially when considering that data usage increased by 47% just in the first quarter of 2020 , during the first COVID-19 lockdown. Data compression is one example, which allows for far greater levels of efficiency especially when incorporating advancements in cloud technology. The process involves the reduction of a file’s size by re-encoding the file data to use fewer bits of storage when compared to the original file. The main advantage of data compression is that a compressed file requires less time for transfer and consumes less network bandwidth. By diminishing file size, data transmission time and communication bandwidth, less storage capacity is required, which results in decreased energy consumption, increased productivity, as well as significant cost savings. Immersion cooling, on the other hand, represents a more practical measure for addressing challenges around energy inefficiency.

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